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Lotto Syndicate Wins Final Jackpot of 2012

Last Updated: Thursday 5th December 2013, 13:19

LottoThere has been just two Lotto draws for 2013 however the final draw of last year proved lucky for two ticket holders as they both managed to match all six numbers drawn in the results to split the final Lotto jackpot of 2012 that was worth £4.2 million. One of these tickets belonged to a Lotto syndicate and this ticket won the final jackpot of 2012 to take home just over £2.1 million. This syndicate was made up of five people which meant that each ticket took home just over £420,000.

The Lotto syndicate came forward on the 4th January 2013 to claim their prize and it is made up of four women and one man who all work at a Primary School in Brighton serving up school lunches. The syndicate leader was checking the ticket and when she had ticked off all six of the numbers she had to get her son in to read them back to her as she didn’t quite believe she had matched all six numbers.

This group of school dinner ladies plus one man normally only play the Lotto syndicate during term time however decided to play over the Christmas period and it seems their extra playing paid off as they won the jackpot on the 29th December 2012.

Although each member hasn’t won a record breaking amount it is still a tidy amount to win and so far plans from each of the five include a holiday to Disneyland, a new car and for Gary, the only man in the syndicate, a chance for him to move out of his mum’s house and buy his own.

Well done to this Lotto syndicate – a very well deserved win!

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