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Millionaire Raffle prizes looking for owners

Last Updated: Thursday 28th October 2010, 00:02

The Millionaire Raffle is about to celebrate its first birthday and it’s already found a place in the heart of Euromillions players in the UK. But while the new part of the UK Euromillions draw has been hugely popular, it seems some players are still not checking their raffle numbers each week. It’s so important that you do so; one UK player is guaranteed to win £1 million every single week yet there are three Millionaire Raffle prizes looking for owners!

Since last November, every Euromillions lottery ticket sold in the UK came with a unique raffle number. When you check your Euromillions numbers, you must check your raffle number too, as one UK player is guaranteed to win £1 million every single week.

However, judging by the unclaimed lottery prizes section, not everyone is checking their Millionaire Raffle numbers, because there are three prizes unclaimed.

The first unclaimed Millionaire Raffle prize was for the Euromillions draw held on 9th July 2010 in the Central Bedfordshire area of the UK, the raffle number for the draw was ZSW270497. This lottery winner has until 5th January to claim this £1 million prize so get searching now.

Then, just a few weeks later on 6th August, a lottery ticket sold in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham won the Millionaire Raffle draw for that week. This winner has also not come forward and has until 2nd February before the prize is added to the good causes fund. The Millionaire Raffle number for the draw in question was FVJ384492 so that’s the number you’re looking for on your old Euromillions tickets.

Then, just a couple of weeks ago, someone bought a lottery ticket in South Lanarkshire for the Euromillions draw held on 8th October. This lottery ticket matched the raffle number PXC227093 but the winner hasn’t yet come forward.

The lesson here is check your Millionaire Raffle number, or you might miss out on a £1 million lottery prize. An even better idea would be to buy lottery tickets online, that way the National Lottery let you know if you’re a winner and you’ll never lose another lottery ticket.

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