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Mother and Daughter Collect Lotto Millionaire Raffle Prize

Last Updated: Friday 11th August 2017, 09:08

A mother and daughter from Borehamwood are £1 million richer after coming forward to collect their Lotto Millionaire Raffle reward. The lucky pair correctly matched the winning code NAVY 5575 1997 to land the seven-figure sum in the draw on Saturday 8th July, but only became aware of their good fortune after reading about it in their local newspaper.

Brenda and Julie Page, who purchased their entry from Dipa News on Shenley Road in the Hertfordshire town, were extremely thankful for the win, especially as it came just weeks after daughter Julie had been made redundant from her temporary job. However, as Brenda only checks her tickets on a monthly basis, the duo had no idea that they were due such a hefty sum.

Julie told reporters of how the pair discovered that they had scooped the £1 million prize: “Mum was flicking through the local paper when she saw a story about an unclaimed lottery ticket,” she said. “She called and was whispering about a story in the newspaper and a lottery ticket, and for a moment I thought she’d gone a bit loopy but when she said ‘and we’ve won one million’ I soon took notice.”

Keen to celebrate with her mother, Julie dashed home to register a claim with The National Lottery and mark the occasion with a cup of tea. The 32-year-old then contacted her fiancée to deliver the announcement: “I told my partner I had good and bad news. The bad was I had a parking ticket, and the good was that he was about to marry into a millionaire family.”

With his mind focused on the bad news, Julie’s husband-to-be didn’t quite react how she thought he would: “He looked up and said ‘how did you get a parking ticket?’” However, the secondary piece of information soon filtered through, sparking jubilant scenes in the household. Julie now plans to put the money to good use: “We got engaged last year and have already confirmed lots of the plans for our big day but, while we will still keep it a fairly small affair, it will be so nice to finish our plans without one eye constantly on the bank balance,” she confirmed.

In addition to an idyllic wedding day, Julie and her mother plan to invest in their dream houses. For Brenda, this will finally bring an end to years of living in rented accommodation. “Julie and I are so close and being able to share this win is just magical. To know that we will both be able to buy our own homes outright as a result is the absolute icing on the cake,” smiled the 66-year-old.

If you would like to join Brenda and Julie in celebrating a huge Lotto win, don’t forget to choose your numbers online or pick up a ticket from any authorised retailer ahead of this Saturday’s £14.3 million draw. Good luck!

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