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National Lottery Lotto Changes Autumn 2013

Last Updated: Thursday 5th December 2013, 13:19

Lotto ChangesThe National Lottery have recently announced that some exciting changes will be taking place in autumn this year to the Lotto. The National Lottery revealed that they would be making bigger prizes, bigger jackpots and introducing a new Lotto Raffle to Lotto players. The exact date of the National Lottery changes have not yet been confirmed but for the mean time the Lotto draw prizes and jackpots will stay as they are.

The first major change the National Lottery are making to the Lotto is the introduction of the Lotto Raffle where a guaranteed 50 ticket holders will win £20,000 for each Lotto draw. In addition to this the National Lottery have said that hundreds more will be made on rollover draws. This is a similar game play to what we see in the Euromillions draw where players are automatically entered into the raffle when they purchase a Lotto line.

The second changes the Lotto will see are bigger prizes for matching three or four of the winning numbers drawn. The Match three prize currently stands at £10 which will increase to £25 and the Match four prize will increase from £60 to £100. In addition to this the Lotto jackpot will also increase on Wednesday draws from £2.2 million to £2.5 million and on Saturday draws the Lotto jackpot will increase from £4.1 million to £5 million.

Due to the bigger prizes, jackpots and the introduction of the new Lotto Raffle the price of Lotto tickets will increase. The current side game, Lotto Plus 5 will also be discontinued, as it is being replaced by the Lotto Raffle. To find out more about how to play the Lotto and upcoming changes visit our Lotto page here.

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