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New Euromillions advert

Last Updated: Thursday 24th June 2010, 00:02

It’s a Euromillions rollover tomorrow evening, the first one for six weeks and unsurprisingly it’s got lottery players around the UK excited. The draw coincides with a brand new ad campaign for the Euromillions Lottery. The ad focuses on the fact that the jackpot is big enough to share and carries the tag line ‘There are millionaires and then there are Euromillionaires”.

When the Euromillions Lottery launched there was a launch campaign running along side it, but since then, apart from rollover news and Millionaire Raffle news, the Euromillions Lottery has never run an ad campaign.

Now the National Lottery has decided to ‘put some colour’ into the brand with this new campaign focussing on what can be done with such a sizeable jackpot.

Of course the estimated £23 million Euromillions Lottery rollover tomorrow evening is plenty enough to share and so this ad comes at the perfect time. If you’d like to be one of the National Lottery’s Euromillionaires then remember to buy your lottery tickets for the draw tomorrow evening.

It’s been six whole weeks since the last Euromillions rollover and that one was worth a staggering £84 million. The lack of recent rollovers is likely to increase interest in tomorrow’s Euromillions Lottery draw and that might just push the jackpot over estimate.

More news about the Euromillions after the draw, don’t forget to check back for the lottery results if you’re buying lottery tickets for the £23 million rollover, you could just be the next in a long line of UK Euromillionaires.

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