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New National Lottery Ad Campaign Says ‘Amazing Starts Here’

Last Updated: Wednesday 23rd September 2020, 16:13

A new National Lottery TV advert is set to be aired for the first time this weekend as Camelot launches a fresh marketing strategy to highlight just what a force for good it can be for the whole country. Using the strapline ‘Amazing Starts Here’, the new campaign focuses on the National Lottery itself rather than specific games such as Lotto or EuroMillions, and wants to show that it can benefit the lives of ordinary people.

The National Lottery’s ‘Fisherman’ commercial will debut during the X Factor on ITV on Saturday night and will tell the emotional story of a working-class Scottish family. The father has to spend a lot of time at sea and it appears to be putting a strain on his relationship, as the mother is seen telling a friend that she has made a decision, before she then heads to the solicitor.

The father returns to an empty house to find a letter on the mantelpiece, and rushes down the street to find his partner. However, there is a happy ending as it turns out she has won the lottery and bought a new home, allowing the family to look forward to a more comfortable future.

‘A Fork-In-The-Road Moment’

Adam&Eve/DDB were hired to run the new campaign, ending Camelot’s 15-year relationship with advertising agency AMV. Hayley Stringfellow, head of brand marketing at Camelot, said it was a ‘fork-in-the-road moment’ for the lottery and that she was thrilled with how the strategy was coming together.

She said: “Storytelling was a factor [in the decision to appoint A&E/DDB], but we were sold on the thinking. We wanted something unique. We didn’t want them to ‘do us a John Lewis’; we wanted them to ‘do us a National Lottery’ in a unique and compelling voice.”

Stringfellow said the new campaign - which will run across various media channels - had come about after a major review. National Lottery bosses no longer want to emphasise the extravagant purchases such as super yachts or private islands that a big win can allow, but rather the simpler things that can make a big difference.

Helping Good Causes

“When I’ve talked to winners, it struck me that the first thing most people do is to secure their homes and homes for their family. It’s about the basics of security, not Champagne and diamonds,” Stringfellow explained. She added: “We need every player to know that they can win – it’s not a bet. The National Lottery is a different thing; it’s a force for good in the whole country.”

Stringfellow wants players to think that they are ‘making Britain better by buying a ticket’, as the money raised from sales also goes towards good causes. The next ad, set to be released in November, will show how lottery funding can help ordinary people’s lives.

The Good Causes Fund receives 28p from every £1 spent on National Lottery games, whether you play Lotto, EuroMillions or one of the other options. You therefore know that you are helping worthy projects throughout the UK just by buying a ticket, even if you do not always win a prize.

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