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One Lotto Ticket Scoops £6.6 Million Jackpot

Last Updated: Thursday 5th December 2013, 13:19

LottoThe Lotto draw on Wednesday night had a rollover jackpot available to win so many players were hoping to strike lucky and land themselves with this top prize. The results from this draw show that this was in fact the case as the there was one Lotto ticket which matched all six of the numbers drawn to scoop the £6.6 million jackpot. The identity of the ticket holder is yet to be known however they have now become the second jackpot winners in this lottery for this month.

Lottery Balls
Wednesday's Lotto Jackpot:
£5.3 Million

    The Lotto results from Wednesday’s draw were 14, 15, 17, 29, 30, 33 and the Bonus Ball was 37. The jackpot was originally estimated at £6.5 million however actually came out at £6,692,418 million on the night. To see a full prize breakdown from the Wednesday Lotto results please click here.

    Whether this winning ticket was purchased as part of a syndicate or by a single ticket holder remains to be seen however it will be interesting to see if they come forward. Recently there have been quite a few Lotto jackpot winners that have come forward to claim their prize. Unlike some other National Lotteries in which going public with your win is compulsory Lotto jackpot winners can chose whether they want to come forward to announce their win or stay anonymous.

    As the Lotto jackpot was won it means that tomorrow’s jackpot goes back to basics and is estimated at £4.1 million so if you fancy becoming a top prize make sure you have your Lotto tickets ready because you could end up becoming the third Lotto jackpot winner of this month.

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