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Pensioner loses savings in lottery scam

Last Updated: Tuesday 19th January 2010, 00:09

We’re often bringing you stories of lottery scams on these pages and the recent warning comes in the form of a Euromillions Lottery scam that has cost one pensioner her life savings. The victim of this lottery scam has been conned out of £24,000 savings after receiving a letter saying she had won a Euromillions prize and attempting to claim that prize.

The unnamed victim, a lady in her 70’s from Aberdeen called the number on the letter and was persuaded by the conmen to hand over two payments into nominated accounts to claim her Euromillions Lottery prize.

But the pensioner had not won anything as the letter was from conmen, this unfortunate lady didn’t even realise she had been scammed until her bank contacted her about the large transfer.

As we keep warning you, lottery scams are on the rise and this unfortunate lady has come a cropper to one of the most common types. Thinking this is a genuine claim letter the lady has been caught out and handed over money that she probably will never see again.

It’s worth remembering that neither the National Lottery or Euromillions Lottery would never contact you in this way, at most you may get an email telling you that you are a winner, but even this is only if you buy lotto tickets online.

If something seems too good to be true, then it probably is so be vigilant and watch out for postal and email lottery scams as it really is big business for the conmen.

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