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Postcode Lottery Joy for Dundee Pensioners

Last Updated: Wednesday 23rd September 2020, 09:54

Six tickets sold to neighbours on one street in Dundee found the perfect cure for the winter blues after landing a £180,000 People’s Postcode Lottery prize. The residents of Caldrum Terrace each received a share of the six-figure sum after their postcode, DD3 7HB, was drawn by lottery officials.

The win brought double delight for one resident. June Neil played two tickets in the draw and was lucky enough to receive a cheque for £60,000. This good news came at a very poignant time for the 65-year-old, who suffered a stroke three years to the day of her win. Speaking to reporters, the pensioner’s husband Joe said: “It’s nice to have something positive associated with the date.” Joe and June, who also survived a battle with cancer, now plan to redecorate their house with the money. “Our dog ruined the leather suite so we can replace that and maybe get some furniture to match,” Joe added.   

Postcode Lottery success coincided with a milestone for another of the street’s inhabitants. Ina Breen recently celebrated her 81st birthday and was understandably overjoyed with her slice of good fortune. The octogenarian said: “I’ve never had so much money in my life,” before adding that she takes part in the draw in order to support the chosen charities of the Postcode Lottery.

Fellow terrace resident Nancy Chmielewska was another player to benefit from the windfall. The 75-year-old, who revealed that she was “thrilled” by the news, plans to use her £30,000 to treat the younger members of her family: “I have two grandchildren and six great-grandchildren so it will be going on them,” she smiled. Nancy is also determined to travel to a country that is particularly close to her heart: “I’ve also always wanted to visit Poland as that’s where my father-in-law was from. I’ve decided to go in September with my friend.”      

The lucky Dundonians were visited by former X Factor finalist Danyl Johnson, who now represents the People’s Postcode Lottery in an ambassadorial role. “We had a really great time and we were dancing in the street with Danyl. It was fantastic,” winning ticket holder Nancy exclaimed. “I had so much fun with the team from People’s Postcode Lottery — I’m still on a high.” Danyl reciprocated, speaking of the merriment he’d shared with the trio: “I had such a great time meeting the three ladies in Dundee. I hope they all enjoy spending their winnings.”

The Postcode Lottery, which has raised over £175.5 million for good causes, donates 30 percent of its proceeds to charitable organisations and costs just £10 a month to play. Play today and avoid missing out on celebrating a big win with your neighbours!

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