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Record Lotto Jackpot on Offer Tonight

Last Updated: Wednesday 30th December 2015, 10:13 am

Tonight’s Lotto jackpot is the largest in the 21-year history of the game, standing at a mighty £42.2 million. This evening’s prize pool eclipses the previous high point of £42 million, shared between three winners on 6th January 1996. On that occasion, the bumper payout was a result of just two rollovers, whereas the current eight-figure bounty follows 12 draws without a winner, as the e last time anyone matched all six main numbers was on Saturday 14th November.

Today’s tantalising total is possible thanks to the changes made to the game that came into force in time for the Lotto draw on Saturday 10th October. The previous four-rollover limit was scrapped, allowing the jackpot to continue to grow until it hits £50 million, where it can stand at that amount for two draws before the entire amount rolls down and is shared between the players in the next winning prize tier. Find out more about the way Lotto rollovers work at the dedicated page.

If you fancy writing your name into the record books and halting the longest rollover streak Lotto has ever seen, you will need to carefully choose the perfect line of numbers. Picking significant dates like birthdays is a popular method, but there are 59 balls and only a maximum of 31 days in a month, so you will instantly exclude yourself from the jackpot if numbers from 32 upwards appear in the winning line. You might want to consider using the door numbers of your friends and family, their ages, the year in which they were born or simply allow the Lotto Number Generator to form as many random lines as you’d like to play.

Lotto tickets are on sale until 7:30pm tonight and you can get hold of them online or from authorised retailers across the UK. If you fancy increasing your chances of winning, you could create a lottery syndicate, or even join one that has already been set up online, meaning that you have a large number of Lotto lines played on your behalf at much lower cost than you would incur buying them all as a single player. Good luck!

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