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Saturday's Lotto Jackpot Estimated at £5.9 Million

Last Updated: Thursday 5th December 2013, 13:19

LottoExcitement is building for Lotto players as there is a rollover jackpot on offer to win tomorrow night. This Saturday Lotto draw is only the third for this month but already the jackpot has rolled over as there were no ticket holders that managed to match the six numbers drawn in Wednesday’s draw. This means that the Saturday Lotto jackpot available to win is estimated at £5.9 million – so the question is will this jackpot be won or will it rollover again?

To win the Lotto jackpot you have to match all six of the main numbers drawn in the Lotto results with the numbers on your ticket, however as this lottery pools numbers from a selection of 1 – 50 some people find it a challenge selecting what numbers to play therefore it can be useful to look at some Lotto statistics to see which numbers appear more than other numbers.

It may be useful to know that the most popular numbers to be drawn in the Lotto results are 38, 44, 23, 40, 39 and 33. The most common number out of all of these is the number 38 which has been in the Lotto results an impressive 245 times. However, there are some numbers which don’t get drawn very often and these are 20, 13, 41, 16, 21 and 15.

Whether any of these will be drawn in the Lotto results tomorrow night remains to be seen however if you like the sound of winning this Lotto rollover jackpot make sure you have your tickets ready – you never know, you could win the jackpot!

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