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Scottish Family’s Lucky Lotto Streak Continues

Last Updated: Wednesday 1st June 2016, 08:47

A family from Scotland has landed its third big Lotto win after pocketing £1 million in the Lotto Millionaire Raffle. Peter Fry, 90, wife Mary, 86, and their three daughters play the game together and enter five lines a week as a family syndicate. They were stunned to discover recently that they had matched one of the two top codes in the Lotto Millionaire Raffle on Wednesday 18th May, but as they came forward to claim their prize it emerged that this was not the first time the family had struck lucky.

Daughter Margaret won £20,000 on the Lotto Millionaire Raffle last year, while Peter’s cousin Annette Brown became the National Lottery’s 2,500th millionaire back in October 2010 when she grabbed a £1.1 million share of a Lotto jackpot. The family told reporters that the latest win would allow Peter and Mary to buy their house and make any necessary changes to help with everyday life.

Peter and Mary’s large family includes six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren and everyone is happy that they can all enjoy a bright future. Cousin Annette was also quoted in The Mirror as saying: “I’m so happy for Peter - it couldn’t have happened to a better man and talk about keeping it in the family. Winning the National Lottery made my life so much easier and I hope it’s the same for him. I can’t wait to see him and celebrate our luck together in person."

The family’s run of success makes for a remarkable story, and by joining forces to play as a group they had increased their chances of landing a prize, as they could buy more tickets without splashing out too much cash. Check out the section on Lottery Syndicates to find out more, and consider whether you might want to team up with family members, work colleagues or other online players.

There is a Lotto jackpot of £11.4 million up for grabs this evening following a run of three rollovers, and you can get involved by buying tickets online or visiting an authorised retailer. Whether you take inspiration from the Fry family’s amazing winning streak and seek out other players or decide to go it alone, winning a decent prize would set June off to the perfect start. Good luck!

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