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Three Euromillions SuperRaffle prizes unclaimed

Last Updated: Friday 3rd December 2010, 08:12

It’s a few weeks now since the Euromillions SuperRaffle, where ten UK lottery players became instant millionaires for matching the ten different Millionaire Maker numbers in the special SuperRaffle draw. Yet only seven of the ten winners have stepped forward, meaning three Euromillions SuperRaffle prizes are still unclaimed. Millionaire Raffle prizes have always been a problem for the unclaimed prizes department, with three sitting waiting, even before the SuperRaffle.

However, the SuperRaffle has literally doubled the prizes, adding another three unclaimed Millionaire Raffle prizes to the unclaimed lottery prizes list.

The Euromillions SuperRaffle took place on November 12th and if you bought lottery tickets for the draw, maybe you weren’t aware it was a special draw. If that’s the case then it really is time to recheck your lottery tickets, especially if you live in Blackburn, Stoke on Trent or the London Borough of Ealing, as this is where the three unclaimed SuperRaffle prizes are from.

In other lottery news, tonight’s Euromillions Lottery jackpot is worth £12 million, but there’s also another SuperRaffle coming up on Christmas Eve. If you’re playing this one, there are 25 guaranteed millionaires to be created so make sure you check the lottery results very carefully. Alternatively, buy your lottery tickets online and then you never need to worry about missing another lottery result. All lottery tickets purchased online are checked by the lottery’s systems and they’ll even send you an email if you are a lucky winner.

However, this news comes too late for these three Euromillions winners, who may now miss out on the life-changing lottery prizes. Find those missing Euromillions tickets now, or these prizes will be going to charity!

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