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Time to check the Euromillions results

Last Updated: Tuesday 28th December 2010, 11:18

Have you checked your Christmas Eve Euromillions results yet? If not then it really is time to check them, as there are still Millionaire Raffle winners to come forward. By the end of the weekend, nine lottery winners had come forward to claim a £1 million SuperRaffle prize but there are still winners to be found so it’s important to check now. The winning numbers are listed alphabetically in the SuperRaffle results so it’s so easy to check if you have won one of the 25 SuperRaffle prizes.

At £1 million, Millionaire Maker prizes should be much-coveted, it’s a life-changing amount of cash, the very reason we play the lottery yet so many Millionaire Raffle prizes are going unclaimed. Right now, there are six unclaimed lottery prizes sitting with the Euromillions, each one with a £1 million prizes and despite several appeals for the winners, no one has yet come forward.

Of these six unclaimed Millionaire Raffle prizes, three are from the last Euromillions SuperRaffle so who knows how many will go unclaimed this time.

The best way to ensure you don’t end up on the unclaimed prizes list, is to buy your lottery tickets online. That way, you get a electronic lottery ticket, which you can’t lose and the National Lottery will even send you an email if you are a lucky winner, then all you have to do is log on and see how much you have won. Check those Euromillions SuperRaffle results now and if you don’t want your lottery prize to end up on the unclaimed prizes list, buy lottery tickets online.

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