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Two Lotto Prizes Waiting to be Claimed

Last Updated: Tuesday 3rd July 2018, 11:55

All Lotto players dream of hitting it big and winning a prize however when they actually do some winners fail to come forward and claim their prizes. This is again the case as two Lotto prizes have joined the long list of unclaimed prizes and are waiting to be claimed by the ticket holders that have matched the numbers drawn to scoop these two prizes, so check your tickets as you could be one of them. 

The two Lotto prizes that have been won but are not yet claimed are both worth £60,678. These two prizes were from the match five plus Bonus Ball tier and were won on the 26th January 2013 by two tickets, one purchase in Reading and the other in the Parliamentary Constituencies of Chippenham and North Wiltshire.

Whether these tickets have been lost, misplaced or the simply not been checked remains to be seen however these prizes won’t stay valid for long. They expire on the 25th July 2013 which means that these players have until then to come forward and claim their prizes before they are added to the pot that goes towards Good Causes.

Lotto tickets purchased at a retailer can easily be lost and never checked therefore if you played the Lotto on this date check your tickets now because you never know you could be sitting on £60,000!

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