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UK and Irish Lotto Jackpot Winners

Last Updated: Monday 6th August 2012, 16:44

UK and Irish Lotto WinnersSaturday night boasted a jackpot on the UK Lotto of over £4.4 million and Merlin produced six winning numbers from the ball set 1 to make one lucky winner an overnight millionaire. The numbers drawn on Saturday were (2) (5) (18) (40) (47) and (49) with the Bonus ball (19). In the Irish Lotto game there were two winners who shared the jackpot of €11.5 million with the numbers (6) (11) (19) (23) (32) and (41) with the bonus ball (16).

For UK Lotto players there were also 11 players who matched five main balls and the bonus to win £124,488 whilst for the Irish Lotto there weren’t quite so many second prize tier winners, just 4 who matched five and the bonus to win €25,000 each.

Of the numbers drawn in the UK Lotto results only the number 40 shows in the statistical categories for this lottery game and it’s as one of the most common drawn lottery numbers. 40 is one of two numbers that have been draw 227 times making them the fifth most common to appear as main balls.

For the Irish Lotto it was the number 32 that made an appearance, it’s 86th as a main ball making it also the fifth most common drawn number in the Irish Lotto results.

Whilst neither of the jackpots for these two lotteries where nearly as impressive as the $656 million won by three ticket holders on the Megamillions game in America, the two Irish Lotto and one UK Lotto winning ticket holders are surely feeling pleased as punch with their wins!


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