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UK Lotto Jackpot

Last Updated: Thursday 22nd January 2015, 09:25

A UK Lotto Jackpot of £2,607,873 was won on Saturday 31 May by a chef from Worcester. Herbert Plant, who is 49, matched the numbers 15, 20, 22, 34, 37 and 39 thanks to his habit of always playing a Lucky Dip entry.

The jackpot win was discovered by one of Herbert’s two adult sons the day after the draw, and up to that point there was nothing to suggest that Sunday would be anything out of the ordinary. “It was a normal relaxing Sunday afternoon,” Herbert explained. “My eldest son, Richard, was running a few errands for me at the local shop and I asked him if he would check my Lotto tickets at the same time. He was gone over an hour so I started to worry but moments later he ran into the house shouting at the top of his voice: ‘you’ve won, you’ve won!’

“I told him to calm down and tell me what was going on and that’s when he showed me the lottery tickets and explained I’d matched six numbers. I couldn’t believe it! We immediately checked Teletext and then called Camelot. We then decided to get everyone together for a drink and had a very different Sunday night, celebrating the win!”

Herbert has no plans to quit his job as chef (a lucky job according to lottery stats) at St Paul’s Hospice in Worcester because he loves what he does. What he does intend to do is give Richard enough cash to settle his mortgage and buy his other son Jamie a house of his own too. It will then be time for him to take a well deserved holiday.

Describing his life since the win, Herbert said: “It’s been so surreal. I’ve played the lottery since it started and have only won a few tenners. But my youngest son Jamie did say he thought it was going to be a lucky weekend. I asked him what he meant, but he just couldn’t describe his feelings although I’m very glad they have come true.”

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