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UK Lotto Jackpot Estimated at £2.2 Million

Last Updated: Tuesday 21st February 2012, 12:52

UK LottoRecently a winning streak has developed in the UK Lotto and in the past five draws the jackpot has been won, so the question is will this winning streak carry on in tonight’s draw? One ticket holder won the top prize in Saturday’s draw, meaning that the UK Lotto jackpot has gone back to basics for tonight’s draw and it is estimated at £2.2 million. Therefore it will be interesting to see if any players match the six numbers drawn tonight, or whether the jackpot will begin to rollover.

To walk away with the jackpot players have to match all six of the numbers drawn, however some players can find it hard to select six numbers. Ticket holders for the UK Lotto can opt to go for the Lucky Dip option but it can also be useful to look at the UK Lotto statistics to see which numbers have been in the UK Lotto results more than others.

The numbers that have been draw the most are:

  • 44, 43, 11, 23 and 32.

The most popular number in this lottery is the number 38, which has appeared in total 234 times. The last time 38 was drawn was on the 31st December 2011 when three ticket holders matched the numbers drawn to split the jackpot that came out at just over £4 million.

In contrast to that the UK Lotto has numbers which don’t get selected very often and these include:

  • 20, 41, 13, 21, 16, and 14.

Whether any of these numbers will be in the UK Lotto results tonight remains to be seen, however all players will be hoping that they can strike lucky and become the sixth consecutive jackpot winner in this lottery.

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