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UK’s Luckiest Town Shares Lotto Tips

Last Updated: Wednesday 11th November 2020, 11:59

The townspeople of the UK’s luckiest Lotto location have been given the chance to share their good fortune with the rest of the country after a special phone was set up so that players from elsewhere could call up and ask for tips ahead of the draw.

Romford in Essex has been dubbed the most lucky town in Britain, with National Lottery statistics showing that one in 952 people living in an RM postcode have won £50,000 or more since 1994, including 51 millionaires. A number of businesses therefore came together to promote the town, inviting Lotto players from across the nation to ring in this week and passers-by to respond with their predictions.

Local man Dean Groves said in the Daily Express: “I was walking down South Street to do some shopping when I heard the phone ringing so I answered it. A lovely lady from Newcastle asked me to select her lottery numbers for her so I did. I hope she remembers me if her luck comes in on Saturday."

Lotto has proved to be a very lucky game for lots of players from across the UK in the last few weeks, with one player scooping a massive £10.8 million on Wednesday 2nd November and two ticket holders splitting a jackpot of £3.6 million in the following draw.

There will be another multimillion-pound jackpot on offer in the next draw, with one guaranteed prize of £1 million and 20 awards of £20,000 in the Lotto Millionaire Raffle. If you missed the chance to contact Romford and are looking for inspiration for which numbers to play, you could either use the Number Generator to select a line in an instant or head to the Statistics page to see the most frequently drawn numbers.

Tickets can be bought online or by visiting authorised retailers and, who knows, perhaps your town could start to challenge Romford for the title of the UK’s luckiest place to live. Have fun and good luck!

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