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Unclaimed lottery prize goes to good causes

Last Updated: Tuesday 28th September 2010, 00:05 am

With £1.5 million on offer we were sure someone was going to step forward last week and claim the biggest National Lottery unclaimed jackpot we’ve seen for a while but now that jackpot goes to charity as time runs out for the winner. Many appeals were made for the lottery winner from the North East to come forward yet despite lots of reminders and warnings that time was running out, no one came forward and now the jackpot and all the interest it has accrued will go into the fund for good causes.

At £1.5 million, the lottery ticket, sold in South Tyneside was the biggest unclaimed lottery prize seen in a long time. The ticket was a three way share on a £4.6 million Saturday night Lotto jackpot in the spring and since then the National Lottery have been putting out regular appeals for the winner to come forward, to no avail.

A National Lottery spokesman said today it was a real shame that the lottery winner has missed out on such a big lottery prize, let’s hope they’re not even aware, as finding a ticket worth £1.5 million that is already out of date might be enough to send you over the edge.

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