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Unclaimed Lotto Prize Set to Expire on 7th March 2013

Last Updated: Tuesday 3rd July 2018, 11:51

The volume of unclaimed prizes in the Lotto is quite high as there are players who have won a prize in this lottery and for whatever reason are yet to come forward to claim their winnings. This is again the case as there is an unclaimed Lotto prize which is set to expire on 7th March if the winner doesn’t come forward and claim their prize. This unclaimed prize is worth £87,782 and was won on the 8th September 2012 but so far no one has made a claim for this prize money.

All that is known about this winner is that the ticket was purchased in the Peterborough area and won £87,782 in the Lotto draw on the 8th September 2012 (draw number 1744). This lucky ticket holder matched the five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball drawn to win this prize but hasn’t come forward yet to claim. To view the results from this Lotto draw please click here.

This winner has until the 7th March 2013 to make a claim because after that this prize will expire and be added to the pot that goes towards Good Causes. Whether this winner has lost their ticket, misplaced it or simply not even checked yet remains to be seen therefore if you played the Lotto in this draw and purchased your ticket in the Peterborough area make sure you check your Lotto tickets thoroughly because you could be a winner and not even know it!

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