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Wednesday’s Lotto Jackpot is a ‘Must-Win’

Last Updated: Monday 16th October 2017, 10:27

Excitement is growing amongst Lotto players after the game’s jackpot surpassed its £22 million cap. The lottery’s latest instalment failed to produce a winner of the top prize, meaning that a reward of £24.8 million must be won in Wednesday evening’s draw.

What Happened in Saturday’s Draw?

Saturday’s draw managed to lavish over 1.2 million lucky Lotto ticket holders with prizes, however, no players were able to match the six numbers necessary to win the game’s premium prize. The numbers drawn were 6, 22, 40, 43, 47 and 58, with 42 appearing as the Bonus Ball.

While the jackpot remained untouched for a tenth consecutive draw, there was one winner in the Match 5 + Bonus Ball prize tier who collected £86,738 and 52 players in the Match 5 tier who landed £1,755 apiece. There were a further 1,231,911 victors, each of whom walked away with rewards ranging from a free Lucky Dip ticket for matching two numbers to £137 for correctly matching four numbers.

The biggest prize of the night was secured by a ticket holder who matched the Millionaire Raffle code RUBY 6294 2424 to scoop £1 million, while 20 other players won £20,000 each. For a complete prize breakdown and additional draw information, head to the Lotto Results page. 

Why is This Wednesday’s Draw a ‘Must-Win’?

Following a lengthy run of rollovers, the Lotto jackpot has soared way beyond its jackpot cap; this means that the prize money on offer must be won in the next draw, according to the official rules of the game.

Lotto’s £22 million jackpot cap was first set in 2016 after a number of top prizes had exceeded the £30 million mark. In an effort to ensure more regular big wins, Lotto chiefs decided to lower the cap of £50 million, which had been in place since October 2015. This new ruling stated that the jackpot would be permitted to roll over once at £22 million or above before it had to be won in the next draw.

Am I More Likely to Win?

As the jackpot cannot roll over again, it is entirely possible that the money could be claimed by a number of players who are able to match five main numbers and the Bonus Ball, an outcome that it six times more likely than selecting the complete winning line.

How Do I Take Part?

So, if you fancy your chances of adding £24.8 million to your bank account and becoming the first player to claim the Lotto jackpot since Saturday 9th September, you can choose your numbers online or pick up a ticket from any authorised retailer. Good luck!

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