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Weekly Grand

Last Updated: Wednesday 23rd June 2010, 12:22

Scratchcard A woman from Billingham has won one of the top prizes in the Weekly Grand lottery scratchcard game. Rebecca Randall, who is 19 years old and the mother of an 18 month old daughter named Kiera Grace, will receive £1,000 every week for 52 consecutive weeks, making her £52,000 richer overall.

Rebecca bought her Weekly Grand ticket from The Local store in Billingham and discovered there and then that she had struck scratchcard gold, as she explains: “I scratched off the panels in the shop, then I realised I’d hit the jackpot. I was stunned. It’s not been easy in recent times to find the money to buy everything I want for my daughter and I’d already started saving up for Christmas presents. The win is just perfect as I can invest in Keira’s future, but also treat the whole family to a dream Christmas this year.”

Like most lottery winners, Rebecca is now thoroughly enjoying the process of creating her shopping list. She has already planned to have an amazing Christmas with Kiera and to buy herself driving lessons and a new car, but there will still be quite a bit of cash left over from her £52,000 Weekly Grand windfall, so the list will undoubtedly get longer as time goes on.

The Weekly Grand National Lottery scratchcards have proved to be very popular, and several players have now been lucky enough to win one of the top prizes. The game costs £2 and provides players with no less than eight winning chances, giving them odds of 1 in 4.62 of winning something. Although the odds of winning “a grand a week” are much lower, Rebecca Randall and others have proved that it really can be done.

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