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What’s Your Strategy for Tonight’s £22.9 Million Lotto Draw?

Last Updated: Wednesday 3rd February 2016, 09:44

The Lotto jackpot has climbed to a magnificent £22.9 million for tonight’s draw, giving players the chance to reassess how they go about choosing their numbers in their bids to land a gigantic prize. It may never have been a better time to play regularly as big jackpots are becoming increasingly common following changes to the game last October, and it was only a few weeks ago that a record-breaking £66 million was split two ways on Saturday 9th January.

A run of six rollovers has pushed the top prize back past £20 million and many participants will be wondering if they should stick to their usual strategy or try something new this evening. If you have a line of favourite numbers, you are just as likely to strike it lucky as anyone else tonight, but there are various other techniques that could be given a shot if you want to shake up your strategy for playing Lotto.

You could take a look at the Lotto Number Generator to provide you with a random selection in an instant. A Lucky Dip ticket at the point of purchase is another good option, but with the Lotto Number Generator you can keep clicking until you find a set of numbers which you like.

Another idea would be to take a statistical approach, and you can check out the Lotto Statistics to cast your eye over all the most frequently drawn numbers, the numbers picked least often and those which are most overdue. Remember, 50 to 59 have only been available for the past four months so it may be worth paying particularly close attention to the stats on the higher numbers if you are thinking of using a new line.

Having a good spread of numbers means that you are not limiting yourself to a narrow range like you would if you used dates of personal significance. If you want a touch of individual meaning in your Lotto numbers, why not instead think about the ages of family members, house addresses or even a portion of your car’s number plate!

Whichever way you decide to select your Lotto numbers, just make sure to pick up your tickets by either playing online or by visiting an authorised retailer in the UK. If you snap up the jackpot tonight you would become one of the biggest winners in the game’s history, so make sure not to miss out. Good luck!

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