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Winning Lottery ticket a lucky dip

Last Updated: Tuesday 27th April 2010, 00:03

The single winning ticket of the UK Lotto jackpot from 17th April draw was a lucky dip says the winner today. Robert and Susan McIntosh from Aberdeenshire couldn’t believe their luck when they checked their lottery ticket to find they were the sole winners of a £4.4 million lotto jackpot and they didn’t even choose the numbers that won them this multi-million pound jackpot.

The couple didn’t check their lottery ticket immediately but on Sunday evening, Mr McIntosh checked the ticket on Ceefax the following evening. He could hardly believe he had matched all six winning numbers and after checking the lottery ticket several times fell to his knees in shock.

The winning couple now dream of buying a bigger home and helping out family members, including their youngest daughter who has always dreamed of going to Florida.

The lucky dip UK lottery ticket was bought in their local co-operative store, who will no doubt be getting a rush of players wanting to buy lottery tickets in this very lucky store.

Congratulations to both the winners, of course had they played the lotto online they wouldn’t have even had to have worried about checking the lottery results. The National Lottery send you an email if you are a lucky lottery winner and as all tickets are stored online, you don’t need to worry about keeping yours safe!

Wednesdays UK Lotto draw is worth an estimated £2.5 million and you can buy lottery tickets for the draw now. Good luck all you lottery players, maybe a lucky dip might be just what you need to change your luck, it certainly worked for this lucky couple.

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