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Wrexham Cabbie Steers His Way To £1 Million Scratchcard Win

Last Updated: Friday 1st September 2017, 09:16

A taxi driver from Wrexham has recalled how a ‘lucky feeling’ prompted him to buy a winning National Lottery Scratchcard when he went to pick up his Sunday newspaper. Alan Phillips had only planned to cash in a £10 prize from a previous scratchcard, but instead he asked the cashier to choose two new £5 cards for him and ended up winning £1 million.

Alan immediately phoned his wife Caroline to tell her the fantastic news, but she took some convincing as he had joked several times in the past about winning big prizes. Presented with their giant cheque this week, Caroline told the press that she thought her husband was ‘pulling my leg again’.

Father-of-six Alan, who also has ten grandchildren, does not want the windfall to change him. At the age of 58, it would be understandable to have thoughts of retirement if you had just become a millionaire, but Alan wants to keep working for now.

Explaining his decision to go to work the day after he won £1 million, Alan said: “I love my job and I have people that rely on me so I couldn’t let them down. I have no intention of handing in my notice just yet so I might get a reputation as the only millionaire taxi driver in the country.”

Caroline, however, has already given her notice in at work as she looks forward to spending more time with her family and watching her grandchildren grow up. Alan is also set to buy her a caravan for their 40th wedding anniversary this year, saying he can now ‘treat her, just like she deserves’.

As well as helping his children to buy their first houses, Alan also wants to look after the woman who sold him his winning lottery ticket. He added: “It’s down to her that I won so it is only right that I treat her as well. I’ll never forget her face when she said ‘you’re now a millionaire’.”

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