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How to Play Set For Life

To play Set For Life, you must choose five main balls from 1 to 47 along with one “Life Ball” between 1 and 10. All six of these balls must be matched for players to win the jackpot, with seven other prize tiers on offer for matching fewer than all the balls drawn. On occasion, special “Super Chance” draws will be held, which would guarantee you the jackpot for matching just five main numbers. For more information, visit our Super Chance Draw Guide.

Each line costs just £1.50, making the price sit between other major lotteries in the UK, such as Thunderball where tickets cost £1 and EuroMillions where tickets cost £2.50.

Where Set For Life really separates itself from other major lotteries in the UK is the fact that the prize is paid out as an annuity, meaning a set amount is paid each month for a set period of time. In this case the prize is £10,000 paid every month for 30 years, and more details are available on the Set For Life Prizes page. For more information on how annuity games work and other games which offer these types of jackpot around the world, visit the dedicated annuity games page.

Playing from an authorised retailer can be as simple as asking for a Lucky Dip ticket at the lottery counter. This will randomly choose the five main balls and one Life Ball for you, taking the difficult decision of choosing which numbers to play out of your hands. You can also choose here whether you would like to enter your numbers into the draw on Monday, Thursday or even both. If you would like to play more than one week in a row then that’s fine, as you just need to indicate how many weeks you would like to play (up to a maximum of four) and pay the equivalent amount.

If you have specific numbers you want to play then grab a playslip from a nearby lottery terminal or ask for one from a lottery counter at any retailer. On these slips you just need to mark off which numbers you want to enter into the draw, choosing five main numbers and one Life Ball. If you make a mistake then don’t worry, there is a box next to the line you have been filling in which will void that entry. You can also indicate on these slips which draws you want to enter your numbers into and the number of weeks you wish to play.

After you have bought your ticket, double check all the details, such as the draw date and numbers (if you chose them), are correct. If they are not then go back to the retailer you bought the ticket from immediately and ask for the ticket to be voided and to get a refund.

Draw Details

Draws take place on Monday and Thursday at approximately 8pm. No other lotteries in the UK are drawn on these days, allowing Set For Life to take centre stage. Draws are streamed live on YouTube. You can find the winning numbers straight after the draws are held, quickly followed by a breakdown of the prizes won.