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Biggest Lottery Win UK

EuroMillionsThe UK is home to the winners of some huge lottery jackpots, and thanks to popular multi-national games like EuroMillions, prizes worth tens – or even hundreds – of millions of pounds are on offer every week. Read on to learn more about the biggest lottery wins ever to have been claimed in the UK.

£170.2 million won on 8th October 2019

The record for the UK’s biggest lottery prize was set in a special Must Be Won EuroMillions draw. The jackpot had rolled over an incredible 22 times in a row, including four at the previous €190 million cap, so rules dictated that it had to be won on Tuesday 8th October.

Only one ticket from across the nine participating countries matched all seven winning numbers, netting the lucky player an astonishing payout worth €170.2 million - higher than previous big wins due to the exchange rate at the time. If there had not been a ‘Match 5 + 2’ winner, the top prize would have been split between players in the next tier down. The winner chose to remain anonymous so no details about them are known.

£161.6 million won on 12th July 2011

Christine and Colin Weir of Largs, Ayrshire, won more than £161 million following a run of 14 rollovers in the summer of 2011. The Scottish couple had bought five Lucky Dips for the big draw and checked their numbers ‘after a normal night in front of the TV’. They didn’t have any success with their first four lines but the fifth and final set of numbers changed their lives forever.

After going public with their big win, the Weirs set up the Weir Charitable Trust with the aim of supporting Scottish communities and small charities. The couple donated more than £5 million to the Scottish National Party and the pro-independence group Yes Scotland since their win, and they bought a new luxury home, a tractor, and took the opportunity to travel the world.

£148.6 million won on 10th August 2012

Adrian and Gillian Bayford from Suffolk claimed this gigantic EuroMillions jackpot on 10th August 2012. Although the Bayfords received €5 million more than the Weirs had the previous year, a joint EuroMillions record jackpot of €190 million, their sterling payout of £148.6 million was actually less than that of the Scottish couple due to fluctuating exchange rates. Adrian Bayford used part of the fortune to set up his own music business and open a shop featuring the world’s largest collection of Lady Gaga memorabilia.

£123 million won on 11th June 2019

This big winner opted to claim their prize anonymously when they came forward just over a week after the draw had taken place. The enormous prize was put up for grabs after a Superdraw came and went without a winner. The lucky player was the sole jackpot winner in the following draw.

£121 million won on 24th April 2018

This jackpot was claimed by an anonymous ticket holder following a EuroMillions Superdraw where the £113 million prize wasn’t won. The rollover allowed the jackpot to increase by £8 million before it was won by the lucky player four days later. Superdraws increase the jackpot to a guaranteed value regardless of its size in the previous draw.

£114 million won on 1st January 2019

Frances and Patrick Connolly from Moira in County Down, Northern Ireland, won £114 million on New Year’s Day after buying a Lucky Dip online. They said they “celebrated with a cup of tea and a hug” after becoming the fourth-biggest winners in the UK’s history.

They contacted the National Lottery to claim their prize the following morning and attended a press conference a few days later at the Culloden Estate and Spa in Belfast to announce their big win. They pledged to help their nearest and dearest, stating they would share some of their winnings with around 50 of their closest family and friends. Frances, who was formerly worked for an online magazine in the voluntary sector, said she also planned to study for a PhD in clinical psychology.

£113 million won on 8th October 2010

This nine-figure jackpot was won in the draw on 8th October 2010, and the money was claimed ten days later. The lucky winner decided to keep their identity private rather than go public. There were several reports around the time of the win stating who the winner might be, but their identity has remained away from the public spotlight ever since.

£107.9 million won on 14th March 2014

Car enthusiast Neil Trotter from Coulsdon, London, bagged this huge EuroMillions jackpot after buying £10 worth of Lucky Dips. He had a “good feeling” about the draw, and went on a spending spree shortly after. The mechanic and amateur racing driver ditched his Ford Focus and bought a fleet of cars including a Jaguar and Porsche. He said in the days after the draw: "I’ve always thought I’d win big and I’d had a good feeling all week." His partner, Nicky, added: "One day we are normal working people and the next we can afford anything. I still can’t really understand how much it is."

£105.1 million won on 19th November 2019

Steve and Lenka Thomson from Selsey in West Sussex became the UK's ninth-biggest ever lottery winners after landing a EuroMillions jackpot worth more than £105 million. They claimed their prize within days and revealed their identities to the public in a press conference held by the National Lottery a week after the win.

Speaking about their plans for the money, they said a new home was a priority so they could move from their small terrace house and give their three children their own bedrooms. The Thomsons' 10-year-old son also had plans; he requested a new Tesla car soon after finding out about the jackpot win.

Top Lotto Winner

The biggest Lotto win on a single ticket came on Wednesday 6th April 2016, when an anonymous ticket holder picked up £35.1 million.

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