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EuroMillions Events

Exciting EuroMillions events take place on a regular basis, generating an even greater buzz around a game that quickly established itself as the biggest lottery in Europe when it launched in 2004. Find out about upcoming events and look back through EuroMillions history on this page.


The number of countries that take part in EuroMillions


The most £1 million prizes offered in a single draw

£195.7 Million

The biggest lottery jackpot ever won in the UK


The highest number of players to share the top prize in a single draw

Upcoming Events

No big EuroMillions events are currently scheduled. Keep checking this page to learn about future events as soon as they are announced.

Previous EuroMillions Events

You can find out about all the biggest events in the history of EuroMillions below, including record jackpots, major changes and special draws.


Friday 1st December - The final Superdraw of the year saw the jackpot lifted to €200 million (£171 million). Nobody won on the night, but a week later a single ticket holder from Austria became the game’s biggest-ever winner, landing €240 million (£206 million).

Friday 3rd February - A European Millionaire Maker draw took place and awarded 100 prizes of £1million/€1 million to players across Europe. The UK proved to be the luckiest country, with 30 new millionaires.


Tuesday 19th July - After three draws at the jackpot cap of €230 million, a UK player matched all the numbers to become EuromIllions’ biggest-ever winner. The top prize was worth a record-breaking £195 million.

Tuesday 10th May - A new record was set for the UK's biggest lottery win, as a single ticket scooped £184 million. A sequence of 14 rollovers helped to build up the jackpot, and meant there was no need for a €130 million Superdraw on 29th April. The jackpot was claimed by Jess and Joe Thwaite from Gloucester.

Friday 4th February - A UK player won the jackpot in the first Superdraw of 2022, landing a prize worth £109 million. They wasted little time in coming forward, staking a claim for the money just four days later.

Friday 21st January - The first European Millionaire Maker draw in four years saw 100 prizes of £1 million/€1 million paid out across Europe. Out of the 100 new millionaires, 24 were from the UK.


Friday 15th October - The third Superdraw of 2021 took place on Friday 24th September, offering a starting jackpot of €130 million. There were no winners on the night so the jackpot rolled over. It was eventually won on Friday 15th October when a single player from France picked up €220 million.

Friday 4th June - The second Superdraw of the year offered a jackpot of €130 million (£111.5 million). Unlike the event in February, this one was snapped up straight away as a UK ticket holder matched all the numbers to catapult themselves into the list of the country’s all-time top 10 biggest winners.

Friday 26th February - Following a Superdraw earlier in February, the jackpot kept on growing. Nobody won in the following draw, but a Swiss ticket holder matched all the numbers on 26th February to land the biggest EuroMillions jackpot of all time.


Friday 11th December - Following the superdraw on Friday 20th November, four rollovers occurred and EuroMillions reached its jackpot cap of €200 million. The record jackpot of was won by a single ticket in France, making it the highest single winner in EuroMillions history. The rules announced in February 2020 means that the jackpot cap is increased to €210 million.

Friday 7th August - Ten new UK millionaires were created in a special Millionaire Maker raffle.

Saturday 1st February - A number of changes were made to the game. The jackpot cap was lifted from €190 million to €200 million, with room to grow to €250 million in the future. The amount of money allocated to each prize tier was also updated, with more funds going to the jackpot in every draw to help it grow more quickly. The National Lottery gave away 20 prizes of £1 million in the Millionaire Maker draw on Tuesday 4th February to mark the changes, while a Superdraw took place on Friday 7th February in which the jackpot was increased to €130 million (£110 million).


Tuesday 19th November - A £105 million EuroMillions jackpot was won by a UK ticket holder. The winners were soon revealed as Steve and Lenka Thomson from Sussex, who said a new house was the first item on their list of purchases.

Friday 8th November - There were 25 winners of £1 million in a special edition of the UK Millionaire Maker raffle, held to celebrate the National Lottery’s 25th anniversary.

Tuesday 8th October - A UK player set the record for the largest lottery prize ever won in the country, banking £170 million after 22 rollovers. The jackpot had climbed all the way to €190 million – the maximum at the time – and had to be won in this draw. The lucky winner was the only ticket holder to match all seven numbers and came forward just a few days later to claim the prize anonymously.

Friday 19th July - There were 20 winners of £1 million in this special summer edition of the Millionaire Maker.

Friday 1st March - The Millionaire Maker raffle put 40 guaranteed prizes of £1 million up for grabs.

Tuesday 15th January - The number of Millionaire Maker prizes in every draw dropped from two to one, allowing the National Lottery to hold more special draws in which many players win £1 million.


Friday 13th July - The National Lottery gave away 13 prizes of £1 million in the Millionaire Maker draw, bringing good fortune on a date normally associated with bad luck.

Friday 23rd February - A European Millionaire Maker draw was held, with 25 EuroMillions ticket holders from across Europe guaranteed to become millionaires. Five of the winners were from the UK.

Friday 26th January - The first EuroMillions HotPicks draw took place.


Friday 6th October - A Spanish player landed the maximum prize of €190 million. The jackpot had rolled over following a Superdraw on 15th September.

Friday 28th July - The final Mega Week promotion took place, with winners and their guests receiving a luxury trip to Florida.


Friday 28th October – The first European Millionaire Maker draw was held. There were 25 winning codes across the nine participating countries, with three sold in the UK.

Tuesday 27th September – The biggest EuroMillions changes in years were rolled out to help create bigger jackpots. The number of Lucky Stars went from 11 to 12, while the cost of a ticket went from £2 to £2.50. Mega Week replaced Mega Friday, making more winners of the Millionaire Maker than usual in the final Tuesday and Friday draws of each week. Winners would be given non-cash prizes such as VIP holidays in addition to their £1 million payout.


Tuesday 22nd and Friday 25th December – To celebrate Christmas week, the National Lottery gave away five prizes of £1 million on both Tuesday and Friday as part of the UK Millionaire Maker raffle. Each winner also received a trip to Sweden for themselves and up to seven guests, including luxury accommodation at the Copperhill Mountain Lodge in Äre.


Friday 31st October – The Millionaire Raffle was renamed Millionaire Maker. The first ever Mega Friday Millionaire Maker draw took place, sending 25 players on a trip to Makepeace Island in Australia, as well as providing them with a prize of £1 million.


Friday 26th July – There were 100 prizes of £1 million up for grabs in the Millionaire Raffle, one year on from a similar event to coincide with the start of the London Olympics.

Friday 31st May – The £1 Million Every Month for a Year Millionaire Raffle draw took place, offering 12 monthly instalments of £1 million to one UK player. The winner failed to claim the prize within the 180-day deadline, so the money was donated to the lottery's Good Causes fund.


Wednesday 5th December – A jackpot-winning ticket worth £63.8 million expired, having been bought in the Stevenage and Hitchin area of Hertfordshire for the draw on Friday 8th June.

Friday 10th August – The first players to win at the new jackpot cap of €190 million were Adrian and Gillian Bayford from Suffolk. However, the sterling amount worked out at £148.6 million, over £10 million less than Colin and Christine Weir's €185 million (£161.6 million) victory the previous year. This was due to the fluctuating exchange rate between pounds sterling and the Euro.

Friday 27th July – The night of the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games saw 100 Millionaire Raffle codes drawn out, each worth £1 million. It broke the record for the most millionaires made in one night after 97 of the 100 winners came forward to claim their prize within 180 days.

Thursday 12th January – The jackpot cap was set at €190 million and remained at that amount for the next eight years.


December – Millionaire Raffle distributed 50 awards of £1 million in the lead up to Christmas as part of a special promotion called Millionaires Month.

Tuesday 12th July – The first winners at the jackpot cap of €185 million were Colin and Christine Weir from Largs, Ayrshire. Their prize was worth £161.6 million, making them the UK's biggest winners at the time. Following the win, the jackpot cap increased to €190 million.

Tuesday 10th May – The first midweek EuroMillions draw took place and the occasion was marked with a guaranteed €100 million jackpot. Other changes were also made, with two more Lucky Stars added to the game to bring the total to 11. The Match 2 prize tier was also created.


Friday 24th December – On Christmas Eve the Millionaire Raffle created 25 new millionaires instead of the usual one.

Friday 8th October – A UK player won £113 million to become the country’s biggest winner at the time. They claimed the money 10 days later and stayed anonymous.


Friday 13th November 2009 – Millionaire Raffle was drawn for the first time, providing UK players with at least one guaranteed £1 million prize in every draw.

Saturday 7th November 2009 – The rollover cap was scrapped and replaced by a jackpot cap of €185 million. The rules stated that every time the cap was reached it would increase by €5 million. The UK EuroMillions ticket price was set at £2, an increase of 50p.

Friday 26th September 2008 – The jackpot was increased to €130 million for this special event and had to be won on the night, unlike regular Superdraws in which the jackpot can roll over. When nobody won in the Match 5 + 2 Lucky Stars category, 15 ticket holders received £7 million each just for matching five main numbers and one Lucky Star.

Friday 9th February 2007 – The first Superdraw took place, boosting the jackpot to €100 million.

Friday 17th November 2006 – The jackpot had to be won after reaching its limit of 11 rollovers in the previous draw. No tickets matched all the numbers, so a sum worth £135 million was split between 20 players – including seven from the UK – in the Match 5 + 1 Lucky Star prize tier.

Friday 3rd February 2006 – Having rolled over 11 times in a row, the jackpot had to be won in this draw. Three ticket holders matched all the numbers to win £42 million (€61 million) each.

Friday 20th January 2006 – The number of rollovers permitted was capped at 11, with rules stating that the entire jackpot would roll down and be shared amongst the players in the next prize tier following a 12th draw without a winner.

Friday 8th October 2004 – Ticket holders from Switzerland, Portugal, Luxembourg, Ireland, Belgium and Austria played EuroMillions for the first time. The extra players helped the jackpot to grow more quickly between draws.

Friday 13th February 2004 – The first EuroMillions draw was held, featuring players from the UK, Spain and France. A single French ticket holder won €15 million.