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Allwyn Formally Awarded National Lottery Licence

Last Updated: Tuesday 20th September 2022, 14:42

Allwyn has formally secured the next National Lottery licence, setting up a transitional period before the company takes over from Camelot in February 2024.

The Gambling Commission initially selected Allwyn as its preferred candidate for the fourth National Lottery licence back in March, after what was described as a successful competition between several strong bidders.

Current operators Camelot contested the decision, though, arguing that there should be some independent scrutiny of the process behind such an important decision.

The appeal caused a delay of several months, before Camelot finally decided not to proceed with the legal action. With Allwyn set to become licence holders from February 2024, there had been a risk that the handover would not happen on time and that could lead to more than $1 billion for good causes being lost.

The Gambling Commission has now been able to enter into an Enabling Agreement with Allwyn.

“We are pleased to have officially awarded the fourth licence to Allwyn following a highly successful competition and the court’s decision to lift the suspension on the award process,” said the Gambling Commission’s CEO Andrew Rhodes.

“We now look forward to working with all parties to ensure a smooth and efficient handover.

“I am confident that Allwyn and the key changes for the fourth licence will maximise returns to good causes, promote innovation, deliver against our statutory duties, and ultimately protect the unique status of the National Lottery.”

Representatives from the Gambling Commission, Camelot and Allwyn have already begun to hold meetings to ensure a ‘seamless and timely’ transition.

Must Be Won Lotto Draw in October

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