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Are You Feeling Lucky Ahead of Friday’s EuroMillions Draw?

Last Updated: Friday 7th October 2016, 13:13

Friday’s EuroMillions jackpot is set to be worth an estimated £139 million after the top prize rolled over in yesterday’s draw. While Tuesday may not have been your night, could a stroke of luck really help you win the mammoth jackpot offered at the weekend? A fair amount of good fortune certainly helped these players win big.

Gareth Bull, a self-employed builder from Mansfield, found himself with some free time after a particularly rainy day in January 2012 forced him to postpone a job. In an effort to avoid getting soaked, the 40-year-old drove himself and his employees to a shop that they had never been to before, and it was there that Gareth purchased a EuroMillions Lucky Dip ticket. His desire to remain dry turned out to be one of the best moves of his life, as all seven numbers came up to land Gareth a reward of £40.6 million.

In January 2015, a little EuroMillions luck also helped Lee Kirk win big thanks to a midweek mix-up. The Stevenage resident thought it was Wednesday when he bought what he believed to be a Lotto Lucky Dip ticket. The playslip was indeed a Lucky Dip, but instead of a Lotto entry, the car salesman had accidently picked up a EuroMillions ticket for the Tuesday night draw. This mistake resulted in Lee taking home a cheque for £50,396 after his wife noticed that the ticket her husband had purchased matched five of the seven numbers drawn.

Sometimes a feeling of luck just grabs hold of you tightly and makes its presence known. That’s exactly how Sonia Davies felt as she called her daughter, Stephanie, and urged her to go out and buy a EuroMillions ticket earlier this year. Sonia and her partner Keith Reynolds were on the other side of the Atlantic at the time of the call. The Monmouthshire mother had been receiving lifesaving treatment at a world-leading medical centre in the US after being diagnosed with a tumour on her parathyroid gland and was feeling particularly lucky when she saw an advert for a EuroMillions prize worth £61.1 million. Sure enough, good fortune continued to shine down on Sonia as her family matched all seven numbers to win the eight-figure sum.

So, if you’re feeling especially lucky this week, why not play EuroMillions online or buy tickets from an authorised retailer near you? It could just be the best decision you ever make! Good luck.

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