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EuroMillions Hits New Record Jackpot

Last Updated: Monday 22nd February 2021, 09:15

EuroMillions has reached its highest-ever jackpot for the second time this winter. A record £180 million will be available in the next draw on Tuesday night.

Jackpot Cap Activated

Tuesday’s jackpot will be the first at its new cap of €210 million. The previous maximum had been €200 million, but the value of the cap was increased after a French ticket holder won this amount in December.

A Superdraw in February offered a jackpot of €130 million, and it has kept growing ever since. Having now reached an unprecedented level, EuroMilllions could be set to create the UK’s biggest winner if there is a single ticket from the country that matches all the numbers.  

If that happens, the winner would become not only the richest UK lottery winner of all time, but also one of the 700 wealthiest people in the country, according to the Sunday Times Rich List. They would be on a par with music legends such as Eric Clapton (who is worth £175 million) and Robbie Williams (£185 million).

The jackpot can stay at €210 million for a further four draws if it’s not won on Tuesday, until it has to be won in the fifth draw at the cap. Check out the page on the jackpot cap for more information.

Strategies to Win the EuroMillions Jackpot

You need to match all five main numbers and both Lucky Stars to win Tuesday’s record jackpot. The winning numbers are drawn at random so there’s no guaranteed way to land the prize pot, but there are a few strategies you may wish to consider when making your selections.

The only way to actually boost your chances of winning is to purchase more entries. One way to do this is to play in a syndicate, so that you can divide the cost of entry between everyone in the group.

It may be that you have a favourite set of numbers that you like to use, or perhaps you prefer to play random lines. You can use the Number Generator to produce random numbers and Lucky Stars. One benefit here is that you can see which numbers are generated and decide if you like them before confirming your entries, or whether you’d prefer to create another set.

When you play random numbers, there’s also less chance of having to share the jackpot than if you use a recognisable pattern or sequence. If multiple players use the same numbers and they happen to come up, the top prize has to be split several ways and so the payout for each winner is lower.

The odds of winning are the same for every set of numbers entered into the draw, so as long as you take part you have a chance to win.  Get involved now and view the EuroMillions Results as soon as they are available.

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