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EuroMillions Jackpot Estimated at £21 Million

Last Updated: Monday 3rd December 2012, 10:33

EuroMillionsThe EuroMillions has its second draw of the week tonight and as there were no ticket holders that won the jackpot in Tuesdays draw tonight’s has a rollover top prize on offer to win. This means that the EuroMillions jackpot available to win tonight is estimated at £21 million, so if you fancy winning this jackpot before the weekend begins and become a millionaire make sure you have your EuroMillions tickets ready because luck could be on your side.

It has now been a week since the EuroMillions jackpot was won by a ticket purchased in the UK. This lucky winner, or winners if bought as part of a syndicate, won the £37.8 million jackpot last Friday. This prize was claimed almost straight away however it was announced on Tuesday that this lucky ticket holder wasn’t going to come forward and disclose their identity.

Coming forward to claim your prize is purely down to choice in the UK for EuroMillions winners, however in some states in America if you win the jackpot then it states in the lottery rules in that state that you have to come forward there is no option to stay anonymous.

It would be interesting to see if it would put people off playing the EuroMillions in the UK if it became compulsory to go public after a win, as there is no doubt that all EuroMillions winners in the past that have gone public have received copious amounts of media coverage.

If any UK ticket holders match the EuroMillions results and win the jackpot tonight then they will become the ninth top prize winners in this lottery for this year – so have your tickets ready because it could be you!

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