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EuroMillions Jackpot Finally Claimed A Month Later

Last Updated: Friday 17th April 2020, 09:34

The EuroMillions jackpot won by a UK player on Tuesday 17th March has finally been claimed a month later. The winning ticket was bought in Ayrshire and was worth £57 million.

The winning numbers were 5, 7, 8, 16 and 20, with Lucky Stars 2 and 12. There was only a single entry from across the whole of Europe that matched the full line and it was quickly announced that it was sold in the UK.

The location was later revealed to be South Ayrshire in Scotland, and someone has now finally come forward to stake a claim for the eight-figure jackpot after four weeks.

Andy Carter, the National Lottery’s Senior Winners’ Advisor, said: “It is fantastic news that a lucky ticket holder has now claimed this enormous prize. We will now focus on supporting the ticket holder through the process.”

The payment will be made after the validation process has been completed. The winner will then be able to choose whether to stay anonymous or go public. If they wish to stay private, no more information will be disclosed, even as to whether the ticket belongs to an individual or a syndicate.

How to Claim Prizes

All winners have 180 days to claim prizes, although most usually make contact with the National Lottery within the first couple of weeks.

There are many reasons why players sometimes do not claim their prizes straight away. A couple of other recent big winners have waited longer than is usual to come forward, including a ticket holder from Dorset who only received their £40 million jackpot three months later.

The current situation with coronavirus has also had an impact on claiming prizes at all levels. Many players have found that it has become more complicated to claim prizes, even smaller amounts, due to the Covid-19 outbreak. As well as the strict restrictions on how often everyone is allowed to go outdoors, some retail partners have decided not to pay out prizes at the current time.

You should remember that the claim period of 180 days gives you a long time to redeem any winning tickets. You may be able to claim prizes from some retailers, although this should only be part of your essential shop.

Another method is to claim your prize by post. Fill out a claim form, providing a few personal details and banking information – and attach your winning ticket. It just may take a bit longer than normal for your claim to be processed due to the current high demand. Jackpot winners need to contact the National Lottery directly on 0333 234 50 50.

The best way to take part in your favourite lottery game at the present time is online. You do not have to go out to a retailer and are instead safe at home. If you win a prize, you will also be notified automatically by email and credited with your winnings.

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