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EuroMillions Player Becomes UK’s Third-Biggest Winner

Last Updated: Monday 26th September 2022, 09:28

National Lottery bosses have hailed an ‘amazing’ year for EuroMillions players in the UK after a single ticket holder from the country won £171 million in the latest draw.

Following a £184 million win for Joe and Jess Thwaite back in May, then an even larger £195 million payout for an anonymous player in July, Friday night provided another memorable draw.

There was a jackpot of more than £170 million up for grabs, and one lucky ticket proved to be an exact match for the winning numbers. There were also more than 868,000 other UK winners on a special night.

The jackpot winner has wasted no time in coming forward to claim their prize, getting in touch with the National Lottery over the weekend to start the process.

“We are delighted to have received a claim for the third biggest-ever win and look forward to supporting the ticket holder and helping them to start to enjoy their truly life-changing win,” said Andy Carter, the National Lottery’s Senior Winners’ Advisor.

What Happens Now

When a big win is claimed, the first step is for the lucky player to meet with National Lottery officials. This can take place at the winner’s home, or any other location if preferred.

The ticket needs to be validated, while the winners’ advisor will also talk through legal and financial matters. They can put winners in touch with independent experts, help set up a private bank account somewhere that is used to dealing with wealthy clients, and offer support about how to deal with the shock of such a big win.

After all the paperwork is complete, the nine-figure jackpot could be in the winner’s bank account within hours. If the winner opts for publicity, a media event will be organised so they can discuss their good fortune.

Jackpot Resets

The jackpot now drops back to its starting value of £14 million, but in a year of colossal prizes it may not be long before it climbs back towards record territory.

The maximum limit on EuroMillions currently stands at €240 million (approximately £216 million). You can play the game every Tuesday and Friday night, and catch up on the results as soon as they are available.

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