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Fifth EuroMillions Jackpot Win of 2020 for the UK

Last Updated: Wednesday 28th October 2020, 10:33

National Lottery officials are waiting to hear from the latest EuroMillions jackpot winner after someone from the UK matched all the numbers on Tuesday 27th October. The top prize for the draw was a stunning £79,315,197. 

The winning EuroMillions numbers for 27th October were 13, 15, 28, 32 and 44, with Lucky Stars 3 and 12. More than 433,000 UK ticket holders picked up awards, but the vast majority of the prize fund went to just one player - the fifth EuroMillions winner from the UK this year.

No more information about the win can be disclosed at this early stage, so it is up to participants to check their entries to find out if they won. 

How to Check Your Entries

If you purchased your ticket from a National Lottery retailer, make sure you keep it somewhere safe until you compare your numbers to the results of the latest draw. One quick way to do this is to use the EuroMillions Checker to input your numbers. You’ll then see how many you’ve matched and the value of any prizes. Alternatively, you can take your entry to your local store to get it scanned.

If you played online, you automatically receive an email when you win a prize of any amount. You can also log in to your account to check how you have fared. Most awards are paid into your account straight away, although for a big jackpot win you do have to contact the National Lottery directly.

Regardless of how you played and how much you won, you need to make sure you claim your prize within 180 days of the winning draw. If you don’t come forward in time, the prize money will be donated to the Good Causes Fund.

EuroMillions jackpots have remained unclaimed in the past, and there are currently several major prizes sat waiting to be paid out. The location where a winning ticket was purchased is revealed two weeks after a draw takes place if it is still unclaimed. Take a look at the list of current unclaimed prizes.

It remains to be seen when the £79 million winner from Tuesday’s draw stakes their claim, but when they do they will be able to enjoy life as one of the country’s luckiest lottery players of all time. They are the biggest winner of 2020, surpassing Rochdale joiner Ryan Hoyle’s £58 million payout from back in April.

Whether you won a prize in the latest draw or not, there will be another chance to try and win a multimillion-pound EuroMillions jackpot on Friday night. Visit an authorised retailer to buy a ticket or take part online.

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