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How a £2.2 Million Lotto Win Could Change Your Life

Last Updated: Wednesday 20th April 2016, 10:18 am

There have been some huge Lotto wins in 2016 so far, with David and Carol Martin of Hawick in the Scottish Borders sharing a £66 million payout with an anonymous player on Saturday 9th January and an anonymous player receiving a record single-ticket jackpot win of £35.1 million on Wednesday 6th April. However, you don’t need to bank an eight-figure windfall to be able to change your life for the better, as tonight’s £2.2 million base jackpot could easily allow you to follow your dreams.

The Land Registry reported in February 2016 that the average price of a house in England and Wales had hit £190,275. Even if you couldn’t afford to snap up a Downton Abbey-style estate with tonight’s top prize, if you dedicated £500,000 of your Lotto win to the family home you could still find somewhere suitably swish to impress your friends.

You might even consider buying a little place by the sea for weekend getaways. A one-bedroom flat on Esplanade in the beautiful North Yorkshire seaside town of Whitby, with sea views and easy access to the shops, would set you back just £119,950. You could even let it out to tourists to make a steady return your investment.

Many Lotto players dream of delivering their resignation letter to the boss and walking out of jobs they dislike. With the backing of a Lotto jackpot win, you could set up a business and make sure that you are the one that benefits from your hard work. Fans of Homes Under the Hammer could spend their days developing properties and selling them on for a profit, whilst budding Alan Sugars could invest in a warehouse full of stock and attempt to sell it on, hopefully with more success than the hapless candidates on The Apprentice. If woodwork or gardening are your passions, you could even turn them into viable businesses too.

All big National Lottery winners in the UK are offered financial and legal advice when they receive their payment and you will have the opportunity to discuss your plans for the money to see how you can make it work best for you. It may be that you love your job and where you live, so you can keep the money in the bank to fund fantastic holidays, fill your garage with fancy cars or simply to provide the mother of all nest eggs for when you retire. With a Lotto jackpot win of any size, your options are endless.

You can buy Lotto tickets online or from authorised retailers for tonight’s £2.2 million Lotto draw up until 7:30pm. Make sure you download the iOS or Android lottery apps to find out the winning numbers and prize breakdown as soon as possible after the draw takes place. Good luck!

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