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Lottery Lovers in London Urged to Check Their Lotto and EuroMillions Tickets

Last Updated: Thursday 24th September 2020, 10:58

National Lottery officials are urging players in London to check their tickets as £3 million in prize money looks set to expire in 2018. The unsuspecting ticket holders, all of whom purchased their tickets in the nation’s capital, have landed a mixture of EuroMillions and Lotto prizes, but will miss out if they do not act quickly.

Lottery Wins in London

There is currently more than £5.6 million sitting in the vaults of National Lottery headquarters just waiting to be claimed. Amazingly, over half of the amount on offer was won by players from London. However, in a city that boasts a population of 8 million, lottery officials are struggling to trace the winners and unite them with their prize money.

The first prize on the list is a £1 million EuroMillions award won by a player from Enfield. Purchased ahead of the draw on Tuesday 25th July, the winning entry correctly matched one of the three Millionaire Maker codes to land the seven-figure sum. The prize also includes a five-star Florida vacation, complete with premium car hire, a private seaplane excursion and £1,500 to spend on a variety of fun activities. The mystery millionaire, whose luck could be about to run out, has until Sunday 21st January to come forward.

The second prize that is just weeks from disappearing for good is a £1 million Lotto Millionaire Raffle sum won by a clueless entrant from Lambeth. The ticket holder bought an entry for the Lotto draw on Saturday 29th July and correctly matched the winning code RUBY 2612 5902 to secure the impressive prize. The deadline for this prize is Thursday 25th January.

The third and final big money reward still waiting to be claimed was also won in the Lotto Millionaire Raffle, this time by a participant from Bexley. The player matched the winning code GOLD 6219 6676 in the draw on Saturday 5th August to secure £1 million, but lottery officials have still received no word from the ticket holder. Due to expire on Thursday 1st February, time and good fortune really are starting to run out for this winner.

Check Your Tickets

All UK ticket holders are reminded that they have 180 days from the date of the draw to claim any prize money, regardless of the size of the prize. This deadline is in place for both EuroMillions and Lotto draws and any unclaimed prizes are handed over to the National Lottery’s Good Causes fund. If you think you have won big in the last six months, head to the How to Claim page for more information on how to receive your winnings.

Could You Win Big?

Of course, you don't have to live in London to win a EuroMillions or a Lotto jackpot. Players across the country regularly land huge prizes in both games, while others have plenty of fun playing along. So, if you fancy scooping a EuroMillions prize of £110 million or a Lotto pot of £17.3 million, you can pick your numbers online or play through any authorised retailer. Good luck!

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