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Lottery Rollover Jackpots in Abundance

Last Updated: Monday 15th October 2012, 13:00

Lottery Rollover Jackpots in AbundancePlayers will be gearing up for a big weekend of lotteries as there are lottery rollover jackpots in abundance waiting to be won. It doesn’t happen very often that lotteries all have rollover top prizes but this weekend the Lotto and Irish Lottery all have jackpots that have rolled from the mid-week draws, but will anyone win the top prizes tomorrow night? In addition the EuroMillions has its second draw of the week tonight and a special Millionaire Raffle game is taking place.

If you can’t wait till tomorrow night then turn your attention to the EuroMillions Friday night draw as this evening this lottery has not only a jackpot available to win that has rolled over five times to be estimated at £51 million but there is also a Super Raffle taking place. This means that instead of there being just £1 million prize on offer in the Millionaire Raffle there is an impressive 18 £1 million prizes, so get your tickets ready if you fancy winning one of these prizes available.

The Lotto had developed a winning streak of six jackpot wins in a row, however in the mid-week draw this week no players managed to match the six numbers drawn to win the top prize, therefore it rolled over to tomorrow night’s draw. This means that the Lotto jackpot is estimated at £6.6 million, but will there be any top prize winners in this Saturday night draw?

To add to this, the Irish Lottery also has a rollover jackpot available to win tomorrow night. This top prize has rolled over twice to be estimated at €3 million for tomorrow night’s draw.

As there are various rollover lottery jackpots on offer to win over the next few days, it will be interesting to see which of these will be won and which of these will remain elusive and carry on rolling over.

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