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Lotto Jackpot Must Be Won on Saturday 27th April

Last Updated: Thursday 25th April 2019, 11:21

Saturday’s Lotto jackpot of £11.3 million must be won after the top prize rolled over for the fifth time in a row on Wednesday evening. Special draws such as this can create much bigger cash payouts than normal in the lower prize tiers. Read on to find out about how it works.

Since new rules came in last November, there can only be a maximum of five consecutive rollovers in Lotto. A ‘Must Be Won’ draw then takes place in the next draw, when the jackpot has to be given away.

If any tickets match all six main numbers in the ‘Must Be Won’ draw, they win the jackpot as normal. However, if this doesn't happen there is a ‘rolldown’ and the jackpot money is split between all the other players that win cash prizes.

There have already been five ‘Must Be Won’ draws in less than six months since the rule was introduced. On three of those occasions the jackpot has rolled down, producing significantly larger awards for everyone matching at least three main numbers.

In the draw on 20th February, for example, the Match 3 prize was £153 instead of the normal £30, while players matching four numbers received £791 rather than the regular £140. Go to the page on Lotto jackpot rolldowns to find out more about previous draws and the prizes that have been won.

The odds of winning remain the same as ever; it is just that the prizes could be far greater. Once the draw is over, you can visit the Lotto Results page to find out if you have won, and how much.

It is an exciting period for special Lotto draws, with another one scheduled for Saturday 4th May to mark the bank holiday weekend. This one will work slightly differently, as you are guaranteed to win £100 if you match three numbers. It doesn’t matter if someone wins the jackpot or not on 4th May. A promotional prize fund of £17 million has been provided to pay all the Match 3 winners £100 each.

EuroMIllions Jackpot Claimed

The National Lottery has confirmed that the player who won Tuesday’s EuroMillions jackpot has come forward to claim their prize. The lucky ticket holder will now become £38 million richer as soon as the claim has been validated.

The winning numbers for Tuesday 23rd April were 18, 23, 27, 42 and 44, plus Lucky Stars 2 and 7. It was quickly announced that only one entry from across the nine participating countries had matched all the numbers, and that it had been sold in the UK.

Players were immediately urged to check their tickets and the winner has wasted little time in claiming the prize, making contact within 24 hours. The National Lottery tweeted: “The £38.2m EuroMillions jackpot won in last night’s draw has been claimed by the lucky ticket holder - massive congrats to them!”

A validation appointment will now take place with the winner before the money can be transferred to their account. This meeting requires the winner to provide two forms of identification, as well as the signed winning ticket. National Lottery advisors will be on hand to answer any questions.

The lucky player must also decide whether to go public or stay anonymous. Recent winners such as Ade Goodchild and the Connollys have been happy to speak to the press and share their stories, but it is a matter of personal preference. No more information will be revealed about the winner, such as where the ticket was sold or whether it belongs to an individual or group, unless they decide to go public.

The EuroMillions jackpot has now been won five times this year, with three of those wins coming in the UK. There have been 77 jackpot winners from the country since the game began in 2004. The record for the largest prize still belongs to Chris and Colin Weir from largs in Scotland, who pocketed £161 million in 2011.

How To Take Part

Whether you want to give yourself a chance of winning the next EuroMillions jackpot or have your sights set on Saturday’s ‘Must Be Won’ Lotto draw, you can take part online or by visiting any authorised retailer. Playing online, there is no chance of losing your numbers and you will be automatically notified and paid prizes. Good luck!

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