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Match Three Lotto Numbers to Win £100 on 4th May

Last Updated: Thursday 18th April 2019, 08:55

A new type of Lotto promotion will take place for the first time on Saturday 4th May, increasing the prize for matching three numbers from £30 to £100 for one night only.

How The Bank Holiday Draw Will Work

The draw has been scheduled to mark the bank holiday weekend and will largely work the same way as any other draw. The other prizes will remain at their regular fixed amounts, but if you win in the Match 3 tier you will receive more than three times the usual payout.

The overall odds of winning a Lotto prize are 1 in 9.3, and the chances of matching three numbers are 1 in 97. There were 136,726 Match 3 winners in the most recent Saturday draw on 13th April, and 151,326 on the previous Saturday.

The prize fund for the promotion is £17 million and is expected to cover the payment of all the £100 prizes. If this promotional prize fund is not enough to pay all the winners £100, the money would be split between players, but it would require an unusually large number of winners for this capping to be applied.

Lotto Events

The money for the promotion comes from the Reserve Fund, which receives a small percentage from ticket sales for every draw. This fund is primarily in place so that special events such as this can take place, while it can also be used to top up prizes.

Local retailers have already been updated their National Lottery play areas to advertise the promotion and it is set to spark excitement among players in the same way as other events such as Must be Won draws have done so in recent months.

When a Lotto draw must be won, the jackpot can roll down and be shared out between all other cash prize winners, boosting the payouts significantly. However, this only happens if no ticket matches all six numbers. With the upcoming promotion, you will win £100 for matching three numbers regardless of whether the jackpot is won or not.

The top prize currently stands at £7.5 million ahead of the Easter weekend, and draws will continue to take place every Wednesday and Saturday before the big event on 4th May. You can take part online or by visiting any authorised retailer. Good luck!

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