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Manchester Retailer Wins Top Prize in National Lottery’s ‘Site, Stock, Sell’ Draw

Last Updated: Tuesday 14th August 2018, 14:47

A shopkeeper from Greater Manchester has thanked the National Lottery after becoming the first winner of the new ‘Site, Stock, Sell’ draw for retailers. Waquar Akhtar says the £10,000 reward has come at the perfect time as he prepares to buy a new house.

What is ‘Site, Stock, Sell’?

National Lottery operator Camelot launched the ‘Site, Stock, Sell’ initiative in April as part of a three-year, £20 million project to try and improve the standards of retailers. The scheme involves Camelot’s team of 120 sales experts going round the country and asking questions of the retailers to determine how well they are promoting National Lottery games.

It is a simple 10-point programme which looks at three key areas. The sales team wants to check that the National Lottery play area is in the best possible site within the store for customers, they examine whether the stocks of scratchcards and playslips are full, and whether the retailer is pushing the ‘sell’ of games by displaying the agreed posters and so on.

Retailers are marked on their efforts and can earn £10 for a score of 8/10, £15 if they get 9/10, or £25 for a perfect score. There are also quarterly bonus events where retailers can earn an extra £10 for uploading photos of their store. Camelot tries to visit stores four times a year, so there is the potential to receive up to £140 a year in cash rewards.

‘A Brilliant Win’

Any retailer scoring at least 8/10 can register for the £10,000 quarterly prize draw, just like Akhtar from the Choudhry Brothers store in Manchester. Speaking about how much the money meant to him, he said: “We’re about to buy a new house, so this will help pay for a few things and treat my wife and children to a holiday. I just can’t honestly say how brilliant this is at this moment for my family.

“Scratchcards are the biggest seller in our store and people come in and play, win and buy other things from us too. Also, getting quarterly awards is nice and working with Holly, my Camelot rep, has been great – she’s a superstar.”

Camelot hopes that better in-store standards will increase National Lottery sales by up to 3.5%, which is estimated to be around £4,200 a year for the average retailer. Higher sales will also help to push jackpots up even more quickly and make games such as Lotto and EuroMillions even more exciting.

A top prize of £13.9 million was won on Lotto on Saturday night, while the EuroMillions jackpot is up to a gargantuan £80 million ahead of Tuesday’s draw. You can make your own mind up about your local retailer’s ‘site, stock and sell’ rating if you want to buy a ticket from a store, or you can take part online.

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