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Portsmouth Syndicate Wins Over £122,000 in EuroMillions

Last Updated: Thursday 24th September 2020, 10:57

A group of fifteen work colleagues from H&S Aviation in Portsmouth have been celebrating in the port city’s Historic Dockyard after their syndicate won over £122,000 in a EuroMillions draw earlier this month.

Victorious Secret Began in 2009

The successful syndicate was one of five ticket holders from the UK who matched five main numbers in the draw on Friday 1st June. They’ve received £122,898 in total, with each member taking home an even split worth just over £8,100 each.

The fifteen-strong group, known as the Victorious Secret syndicate, have been playing EuroMillions for the past nine years, picking fifteen lines every Friday. They revealed they’ve picked the exact same numbers that the original group used back in 2009, which was set up by current member Jim Filson after he saw an advertisement for a big EuroMillions rollover.

Filson, who buys the tickets for the group online, said: “Up until now I’ll admit we haven’t been the luckiest syndicate, with only very small wins here and there, but I’ve always hoped and believed we would come good. I guess fate was testing our commitment – I’m very glad we’ve stuck with it!

“I always check our syndicate numbers on Saturday morning and while I had received an email saying we’d won, I assumed it was another couple of quid. The account balance hadn’t changed so I assumed it was one big wind up! However, when I clicked on the email message thoughts of cruel pranks were put to one side when I saw £1,228. I was really chuffed, until I rubbed my eyes and looked again and instead saw £122,898.20!”

The Victorious Secret leader, who has worked as a credit controller at H&S Aviation for the past ten years, immediately called his boss - part of the group - to reveal the news. Some of the syndicate members have already revealed they’d like to use their winnings to go on holiday once they’ve come forward to claim their prize. Possible destinations that have been mentioned include New Zealand, Japan and the United States, while other winners have expressed a wish to buy a new car and pay for a wedding.

The Portsmouth Historic Dockyard the group celebrated at has previously received National Lottery-funding. The National Museum of the Royal Navy is situated within the Historic Dockyard grounds, and the museum’s major gallery ‘Hear My Story’ opened in 2014 thanks to the backing and funding given by the National Lottery.

Be Part Of Your Own Winning Syndicate

Playing EuroMillions online is safe and secure, and you can be part of your own syndicate ahead of tonight’s draw for an estimated £31 million. It’s not uncommon for family, friends or groups of work colleagues to come together to join a syndicate, be it online or through authorised ticket retailers.

Syndicates are a great way to boost your chances of winning at no extra cost because you can share more tickets with other players, splitting any potential prizes amongst the group. You don’t get this benefit when you play on your own because if you’re a single ticket holder you have just one chance of winning a prize. You would have to buy more lines to improve your chances of winning, which means additional costs.

Join a syndicate today and you could be in with a chance of sharing the eight-figure EuroMillions windfall up for grabs tonight.

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