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Three Unclaimed UK Millionaire Raffle Prizes Expire Soon

Last Updated: Friday 16th January 2015, 10:46

Millionaire RaffleWinning the lottery is something players dream about however there are a number of prizes waiting to be claimed by the winners that are set to expire if the ticket holder doesn’t come forward before the last date to claim. There are now three unclaimed UK Millionaire Raffle prizes that will expire soon if the prizes aren’t claimed before the cut off period. All three of these prizes are each worth £1 million and expire on the 23rd January if the ticket holders don’t come forward before then.

These UK Millionaire Raffle prizes were won in the special 100 Millionaires draw that took place on the 27th July 2012. In this draw there were 100 £1 million prizes available to win in the Millionaire Raffle as it celebrated the start to the Olympics that took place in London.

Out of the 100 prizes 97 of them have been claimed however three remain unclaimed and its these three prizes that will expire if the ticket holders don’t come forward before the 23rd January 2013. The winning tickets were purchased in the Borough of Bedford, Borough of Wirral and the Constituency of Hodge Hill and matched one of the 100 Millionaire Raffle numbers drawn in the special 100 Millionaires draw.

These £1 million prizes run out in just under two weeks so check your EuroMillions tickets back to July last year to see if you are one of the three winners – who knows you could be literally sat on a fortune!

To view a list of the 100 Millionaire Raffle results from the 27th July 2012 please click here.

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