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UK EuroMillions Jackpot Win Remains Unclaimed

Last Updated: Tuesday 1st May 2012, 16:08

EuroMillionsA week ago the EuroMillions jackpot of just over £22 million was won by a UK ticket holder (or holders if bought in a syndicate) when they matched the five plus two combination drawn in the EuroMillions results. However, this UK EuroMillions jackpot win remains unclaimed as the jackpot winner has failed to come forward and collect their impressive EuroMillions jackpot win. This was actually the fourth UK jackpot win in a row - something which people were referring to as 'unbelievable'.

Lottery Balls
Tuesday's EuroMillions Jackpot:
£32 Million

    Whether the ticket holder hasn’t checked the EuroMillions results yet or has simply lost their ticket remains to be seen, however lottery officials are urging everyone to check their tickets.

    Normally when players win the EuroMillions jackpot they make the claim sooner rather than later in fear of losing their ticket, so it will be interesting to see why the UK winning ticket holder is yet to make the life-changing phone call and collect their jackpot win to become a millionaire.

    If this jackpot still hasn’t been claimed by the 15th March then the lottery officials will release the area that the ticket was bought in. Although it has only been a week since this EuroMillions jackpot was won by a UK player, they do actually have until 29th August 2012 to claim their win and if by then still no one has claimed the win the money will be added to the pot which goes towards Good Causes.

    The EuroMillions results from the 2nd March were 5, 6, 11, 30, 44 and the Lucky Stars were 2 and 6, so check and then check again as you never know you could be sat on this winning EuroMillions ticket!

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