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UK EuroMillions Jackpot Win Still Unclaimed

Last Updated: Monday 15th October 2012, 13:00

EuroMillionsIt has been almost three weeks now since a ticket in the UK won the EuroMillions jackpot however this particular UK EuroMillions jackpot win is still unclaimed. This jackpot win is by a ticket purchased in the UK, however as the winner is yet to come forward it is believed that this winning ticket was purchased in the Hertfordshire, therefore officials in this county are on the hunt to find the winner so they can be united with their impressive EuroMillions win that is worth £63.8 million.

Last Friday lottery officials put up two giant billboards in the Market Square in Hitchin which read ‘Are you the lucky £63.8 million winner?’ to remind people to check their tickets. It is still unclear as to whether the ticket was purchased by an individual or as part of a syndicate, however this winner whoever they are need to make their claim sooner rather than later otherwise they could risk losing this impressive amount of money.

Even though it has only been nearly three weeks since the EuroMillions jackpot win it might be the case that the holder of this ticket simply doesn’t know that they matched the EuroMillions results from the 8th June 2012 and are a winner. They could have either lost their ticket or could be on holiday, but like all UK EuroMillions wins this winner has 180 days to make their claim which means they have until the 5th December 2012 to collect their winnings, however let’s hope that a claim for the £63.8 million is made before then.

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