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UK EuroMillions Winners Come Forward

Last Updated: Tuesday 21st February 2012, 12:52

EuroMillionsIn Friday night’s EuroMillions draw the results showed that one ticket holder, who purchased their ticket in the UK won the jackpot. Now the holders of this desired ticket have come forward to claim their UK EuroMillions win which came out at £40,627,241. This particular top prize win was the first UK EuroMillions jackpot win of the year, and the ticket holders have been named as Gareth and Catherine Bull, a couple from Mansfield in Nottinghamshire.

Gareth, 40 is a builder and he bought the EuroMillions ticket when he was sheltering in a shop from the heavy rain that had caused him to stop a building job that he was carrying out.

Gareth first checked the EuroMillions results on the television, however couldn’t quite work out how many numbers he had matched up to begin with. He knew he had matched both of the Lucky stars but then quickly began to realise that he had matched nearly all of the numbers drawn.

In shock he went to see his wife Catherine, 35 who works in health insurance and at first she just thought her husband was teasing her. It was only when she checked the EuroMillions results online, and rang the UK EuroMillions organisers did the couple then realise that they had won the EuroMillions jackpot of £40.6 million.

Gareth plans to spend some of his winnings on a Range Rover Sport and a box at the Manchester United football club. The couple has children so a holiday to Disney in Florida is planned, along with donations to breast cancer charities.


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