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UK Ticket Holders Braced for Biggest EuroMillions Jackpot of the Year

Last Updated: Tuesday 5th January 2021, 13:30

EuroMillions fans across the UK are bracing themselves for the biggest draw of 2017. The jackpot of the continent’s biggest lottery game has reached its highest total since October last year and is now worth a breathtaking £131 million.

Landing the Jackpot

After Tuesday’s draw produced a 14th consecutive rollover, ticket holders are certainly more determined than ever to land tonight’s nine-figure prize. The continent’s jackpot hopefuls have gone to all sorts of lengths in order to get their hands on what is currently one of the world’s largest lottery prizes. From digging out the luckiest of lucky charms to offering prayers to a higher power, lovers of the pan-European game seem more desperate than ever to capture a reward that is creating a real buzz. Some ticket holders have even taken to Twitter to express their desire to win.

It is the dream of every single ticket holder in tonight’s draw to join the EuroMillions’ rich list and rub shoulders with players who have been there, done that and (probably) bought the t-shirt. The likes of Colin and Chris Weir from Largs in Ayrshire, who scooped a £161.6 million fortune in July 2011, and Adrian and Gillian Bayford from Suffolk, who received a payout of £148.6 million in August 2012, have written their names into EuroMillions folklore with massive wins and often find envious glances aimed in their direction whenever players are picking their all-important numbers. Needless to say, there are millions of hopefuls in the UK and across Europe who have their hearts set on joining the game’s biggest winners.

Favourable Stats

To date, the UK has produced 65 of the 365 jackpot winners, a figure that sees the country occupy third place on the top winners table, just behind Spain (82 winners) and France (85). However, UK players traditionally do quite well when it comes to securing EuroMillions prizes in general, with over £7 billion making it’s way to British shores and into the pockets of UK ticket holders since the game’s inception in 2004. This figure puts the nation into second place, just behind France with €8.3 billion.

In the past, June has been one of the least successful periods for landing a jackpot, with just 26 of the game’s top prizes being claimed in the sixth month of the year. However, EuroMillions enthusiasts will be buoyed by the fact that over 80 percent of premium prizes have been scooped on a Friday, a stat that will definitely make players believe a win in tonight’s draw is possible. Another factor to take into account is that, on average, each year has produced 27.5 jackpot winners. This year, only seven top prize winners having been crowned as we approach the halfway point, meaning a deluge of success stories could be right around the corner.

So, if you fancy your chances of winning tonight’s £131 million jackpot, you can pick your numbers online or play via any authorised retailer across the country. Best of luck!

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