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What Would You Do With a EuroMillions Jackpot?

Last Updated: Tuesday 26th March 2019, 16:03

All too often the question is asked: if you won the lottery, how would you spend the money?  And all too often the answer comes in the form of one very long pause, maybe followed by an “ummm…..”.  Indecision is the natural response to such a broad question – how to pick, when there are so many places to see and so much to do?

With the recent announcement of Hereford steelworker Ade Goodchild’s £71 million jackpot win, questions like this are back on people’s lips. Who better to look to for inspiration than the people who get to live out the question? Let’s take a look at some EuroMillions winners past and present, and see where lottery winners’ instincts lead them…

Indulge a Hobby

Winning £1 million at the beginning of March this year, keen angler Paul Trollope’s first act as a millionaire was to visit his local tackle shop in Surrey and share the news. His plans for the money didn’t veer much further from his instincts; his first purchase was of a 34-foot Winnebago, so he could travel - and fish - in style.

When pressed on where he’d be taking himself off to, he had one answer: “I have a yearning to head back to Canada to fish in those great lakes, but have a slight concern I’ll love it so much I won’t come home - then again, with £1 million in the bank, maybe I won’t need to!”

Take a Break

EuroMillions’ most recent winner, Ade Goodchild, has not been one to mince his words. When asked to comment on his massive jackpot win, he had this to say: “I'm not one of these winners who is going to say this win won't change me. It bloody well will, or at least I'll give it a damn good go!”

True to his word, he’s already reported to have left his job a steel worker. He’s been equally quick to divulge some of his plans for the wealth – including some serious globe-trotting: “I've always wanted to see the pyramids so I'll be doing a Nile cruise. I've also got a cousin in Canada so I want to go to see him. Then there's the Grand Canyon and Vegas, I want to see the world.”

Start a Business

On 10th February 2010 a EuroMillions jackpot of £113 million was split two ways; half to an anonymous ticket holder in Spain, and the other half to property maintenance business owner Nigel Page and his partner Justine Laycock.

Their first concern was moving themselves and their family out of their cramped 3-bedroom semi-detached in Gloucestershire, but it didn’t long for them to plan trips away to Australia and Barbados. Hard to ignore, though, are Nigel Page’s initial plans to open ‘the first indoor skydiving centre in the South West’. At the time of writing, it doesn’t appear that Nigel followed through on this particular wish – but props for creativity!

Give Back To Society

Colin and Christine Weir are among the most famous EuroMillions winners on record. Their inheritance of a £161 million jackpot in 2011 made them the UK’s biggest ever lottery winners. Despite their record-winning position in the history books, the couple have been reluctant to give any interviews, only deepening media intrigue. They are perhaps best known, however, for their charity work.

The Weir Charitable Trust has spent £5 million funding health, culture, and welfare in Scottish communities, with applications opening for another round of funding until August this year.

Of course, they’re not the only charitable EuroMillions winners. Last year, lottery winner Barbara Wragg sadly passed away at the age of 77. Shortly after her death, it was revealed that she had donated nearly £6 million of her £7.6 million winnings to charity – making her one of Britain’s most charitable lottery winners.

EuroMillions tickets are available from any licensed retailer near you, and playing online is also an option! If you want to increase your chances of winning that EuroMillions jackpot, joining a syndicate might just give you an edge.

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