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When Must The EuroMillions Jackpot Be Won?

Last Updated: Friday 6th October 2017, 11:40

The EuroMillions jackpot hit its cap on Tuesday night, but nobody was able to match all five main numbers plus both Lucky Stars to win the £169 million. The top prize will stay at the same value for the next draw, so what happens to all the extra money raised from ticket sales and when does somebody have to win?

€190 Million Jackpot Cap

The EuroMillions jackpot cap is measured in Euros and was raised to €190 million in 2012. If a UK player lands the top prize, they will receive the equivalent amount in sterling, and on Tuesday it was worth £168.7 million. Due to the current exchange rate, this is the largest jackpot ever to have been offered to lottery players in the UK and it is not expected to change significantly before the next draw.

The jackpot remained elusive last night, but there were over a million UK prize winners. Take a look at the latest results for a full prize breakdown.

What Happens Now?

The jackpot will stay at the same value for the next draw as it has now reached its cap.

How Long Can This Go On For?

EuroMillions rules state that, now the jackpot cap has been hit, it can remain at this level for a further four draws before it must be won. The jackpot will therefore be given away on Tuesday 17th October at the latest. If nobody matches the full winning line on Tuesday 17th October, the full amount will instead be shared among players in the next winning tier. This is most likely to be participants matching five main numbers plus one Lucky Star.

Where Does the Jackpot Money Go Now?

The money which would normally boost the jackpot is directed down to the next tier in which there are winners. In Friday’s draw, for instance, it may be that the prize pool for matching five main numbers plus one Lucky Star is £10 million larger than usual, as this money cannot be added to the jackpot. This makes it a perfect time to play, as even if you just miss out on a jackpot you might well get your hands on a seven-figure sum.

How Can I Try To Win?

You can take part now by going to any authorised retailer or choosing numbers online. Good luck!

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